Responsible action is the basis of our business. Every employee is obligated to observe our Business Conduct Guidelines. We act responsible and compliant, in accordance with legal rules and regulations as well as our internal principles and rules.

Prevent, recognize and react.


  • Positive examples coming from top management
  • Compliance risk management
  • Guidelines and procedures
  • Training and Communication
  • Advice and support
  • Integration in HR processes


  • Web-based whistleblower system
  • Compliance-Control Monitoring
  • Compliance-Audits
  • Forensic
  • Investigation


  • Implementation of measures
  • Sanctioning of the misconduct
  • Case Management
Business Conduct Guidelines

The Business Conduct Guidelines are a set of values and principles that are most important to the Company, its employees and its collaborators. These are the principles that we want to follow in our day-to-day relations with customers, business partners and each other.

Business Conduct Guidelines of Silekol
Compliance Manual

The Compliance Manual is a compendium for the compliance guidelines of Silekol. In addition to the Business Conduct Guidelines, it contains further key compliance topics.

Compliance Manual Silekol

Pulling together!
Silekol whistleblower system

The business world changes every day and we are constantly confronted with new challenges. With changes in the company and with every new legal requirement, we must also constantly rethink and adapt our existing compliance system.

It is important to us that everything we do at Silekol is always above board. Because we feel jointly responsible for people and the environment. Because we want to avoid damage and protect the interests of our business associates. Because we value being a fair partner. Nevertheless, irregularities and injustices are inevitable. We want to counteract this consistently – with the Silekol whistleblower system.

In order to protect our company against compliance risks in a sustainable way, we have decided to set up a web-based whistleblower system so we can be informed as early as possible about potential compliance violations and be able to remedy them straight away. The system offers the possibility of anonymous reporting of alleged or actual violations of laws or our Business Conduct Guidelines.

Whistleblowing System



Olesiński i Wspólnicy Sp.k. – Compliance Officer

Tax compliance

Silekol is committed to tax transparency and responsible tax management, taking into account all stakeholders. Silekol ensures that all tax applicable regulations are respected. The amount of tax obligations is calculated with due diligence based on the possessed knowledge, applicable regulations regarding tax and balance sheets and in accordance with the real course of economic events and paid within the time limits specified by the law.

Tax strategy